OUTILS Auriou - Forge de Saint-Juéry, à côté d’Albi

Des outils pour les artisans "Maitres en leur métier".
Des outils pour les artisans « Maitres en leur métier ».

Parrain : Hervé Thillard

Forge de Saint-Juéry ( à 6 Km d’Albi) – Outils Auriou



Auriou has a deserved reputation for making fine hand tools for the precise shaping of wood, stone & plaster.

Auriou’s origins date back to 1856 but was interupted by closure in 2007. Two hand tool enthusiasts re-started Auriou in 2008 with the new name of « Forge de Saint Juery ». 4th generation rasp maker Michel Auriou is the hands on manager of our forge.

Auriou are customer led, not price led. We know our tools work for the purpose for which they are intended and we have a very long list of satisfied customers.

Auriou do not outsource the forging of blanks, grinding, heat treatment or stitching. Our skilled workforce have the necessary skills to make the fine tools that carry the Auriou name. The Auriou quality, performance and brand is respected worldwide.  All Auriou tools are made at Forge de Saint Juery, home of Auriou Toolworks.

We  working from the same Auriou forge at the same premises since 1967 in the little town of Saint Juery (hence the name of our forge).  You are welcome to visit us.

We believe we are the only maker of hand made rasps and rifflers who do all the traditional processes « in house » at our forge. We do not sub-contact any part of the rasp and riffler making process. This allows us to keep a very careful eye on quality control.

We are recognised for making the finest hand stitched rasps and rifflers in the world and we are very proud of this.

We also make firesharp stone carving chisels for working on marble and soft stone (sandstones and limestones etc).

We are pleased to be working with master carver Chris Pye to produce his woodcarving tool sets.

We are now making drawknives and holdfasts as well as stone, plaster and gilding tools.

We also sell Lie Nielsen Hand Tools in France as their authorised dealer.

We would be very honoured to have you as one of our customers.

You can buy tools here on our web site (we are improving the site every month) here or through any of our approved stockists worldwide.

Thank you very much for your support of our small traditional forge.

Michel Auriou
Auriou Toolworks
Forge St Juery

March 2014

Parrain : Hervé Thillard

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